Hi viewers today my topic will be about travelling. Do you all know that travelling make us awesome? Many people has asked did travelling changed live? I said yes because when I look back when I started my first travel I was not sure that I would be able to teach many countries which gave many interesting and stressful moments. Today I will share with you all about the places and the memorable situation that I got in those places.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Actually, the main reason why me and my family went to this place because of some work. We were there for at least 2 years. I got many great moments there which I studied in an international school. There I got many friends from different countries example from US, UK, Nigeria and more.When I was in school all the syllabus was advanced by two years such as now if I am in standard 6 I would study form 2 syllabus. At the beginning it was truly hard to cope in my studies but as the days fly through it started getting easier. In the summer month and during the fasting month which is Ramadhan students would be given a month of holidays. So in those holidays I would enjoy with my family by visiting different countries. But the hardest part is when you are new in that country you will find hard to comunicate with the people there and also during the summer days small childrens will have high chances in getting ill. But other then it  is a gret place that should be visited by you all.

Patnitop, Kashmir

My following trip was to this place called Patnitop which one of the tourist attraction during snow season.
Although, when it is summer season many people will not be much interested to visit this place. Trust me even in the summer season this place desire much than anywhere else. Mainly it was because of the cool breeze air which very fresh and natural. The cost of the hotels and meals will be quite high up there so please spare some extra money. Otherwise it is a really good place to be visited. Before I forget let me tell what happen when we wanted to go there, we took a flight from Delhi, India to Patnitop, Kashmir so when we were about to reach the landing point the pilot informed us that the weather condition is not that clear so the flight went further and landed on Srinagar, Kashmir. Me and my family and the other passengers was truly hungry since tfood was not provided in the flight so my father went and talk to them and when we reach Srinagar, Kashmir the flight crew members gave us some snacks and drinks. Then we need to take a car if we want to go to Patnitop, Kashmir. So my father asked some were guided by some of the people around and lastly we got a car to take us there. The journey from Srinagar, Kashmir airport took us about 8-9 hours to reach Patnitop, Kashmir. This was a really great memorable trip in my life.

Paris, France

Next, is Paris I went when I was 8 years old. There were many foreign tourist when I visited Paris. It was a very nice place because all the people there are good and really helpful. The first when me and my family landed in Paris snow started appearing. Then we went straight all the way to the hotel to check in and keep our bags there. After that my father gave some time to play with the snow it was really an exciting moment in life. Then the hotel and the food there were really very presentable. It made me feel to come again to Paris. The next day we went to Disney Land we were all happy because we can see all the cartoons character there. We nearly spend 4 hours there and took many pictures with the cartoon characters. We also went for shopping to grab some key chains for us. It was not that costly and the key chains and things sold there are mostly can be bargain.

Happy Ramadan Mubarak to all the Muslims friends have a happy Ramadan.

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The post today will be based on a true story about Mr. Khairul Nizam The Founder Of  Jamumall Sdn.Bhd.

I am really glad to post about a person who worked very hard and manage to be a founder of a company even with this much of disability. He has a really great soul because even we as a normal person also can't 
achieve like Mr. Khairul Nizam. I am really very inspired by him because he did'nt give up easily to become a successful person in life.

Mr. Khairul Nizam is someone like many entrepreneurs out there. In the process of becoming a great  entrepreneurs he tried his level best to startup his own business. But the pity thing was he invested and loss a sum of his money. Still he did not slow down he continued his full effort  towards success. Lately Mr.Khairul Nizam invested and loss about RM600k of his money in the replica merchandise which had a huge market. Thus it was really a heartbreaking news for him but he kept trying his level best to  become a founder of the Jamumall Sdn.Bhd.

Mr.Khairul Nizam can only use three of his fingers but it was not a reason for him to become such great entrepreneur in his life. He message that motivated me very much was, "If three fingers is enough for me to achieve in my life why can't you? Life doesn't wits for anybody, you are the one who create  your journey. So never ever give up in life if you're really keen in achieving your goals."


Here are some of the moral values that I learn from Mr. Khairul Nizam's life path:

Always remember and be thankful to the person who help you. Mr. Khairul Nizam is very thankful to his sister who helped him so much in becoming a successful person. Never give up even in any situation. 


This is the message from Mr. Khairul Nizam:


His quote that actually inspired me : "kalau aku ada 3 jari dan akal mampu membina kehidupan sendiri dan kebahagiaan org sekeliling .. anda ade berapa jari untuk ubah kehidupan?? Usia semakin meningkat, jangan tunggu lagi.. kite je mampu ubah diri kita!!"



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Autisme and Us

Get Ready Folks!

Hi viewers, Nevhan here with a perfect new post for all of you to savour. So how was you day? mine is pretty hectic and that's why I couldn't find time to post in my blog. Glad I found some now. So viewers, what do you now about Autisme? Little or a lot, I'll be detailing about Autisme in my post today.

Autisme is not something that we should fear about. Many of us in the modernized world are really fearful and confused regarding Autisme as we do not know for real what it is. Autisme is a developmental disorder associated with repetitive behaviour and difficulties in social interaction. Children with Autisme are actually very special and unique as they may possess many special characteristics that a normal child will not have.

When it comes to Autisme, many observe them with disgust when we should actually be giving them the help that they rightfully require.     

Many individuals who have achieved big in their lives are actually individuals with Autisme. Albert Einstein is an example of an inventor who had been an Autisme patient in his early years. He had been a successful inventor whose invention are spoken till date. His formulas and theories are beig studied and analysed till now by theorists. Such are the achievements of individuals with Autisme in their early years.

We should be protective and get to know as well as help individuals diagnosed with Autisme as they are in need of us. We should not just neglect them as they have the capability to become great minds in their future. Many NGOs and governmental agencies are working towards helping out those with Autisme as they can achieve high levels of intelligence if shaped with proper guidance.

Thus, we should be aware and help those with Autisme in order they are given the adequate recognition that they require in their daily lives. Let's join hands and help them out to become great individuals in future. Let's say NO to ill treating Autisme.

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My Self

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